Full XL Bedding (54 x 80 in.)

Are you on a hunt to find full XL bedding for your extra long full size bed? Well, you need not be disappointed because PreciousBedding.com brings you a complete range of XL full bedding.

The full XL bed is 54 inches wide and 80 inches long. It is the same width as a regular full bed, but has 5 extra inches of length. Because of the extra length, you'll want to get extra long bedding for the best fit on your bed. We offer this type of bedding in a variety of colors and styles. Please browse our extra long full bedding at the links below.

We understand that it can be quite difficult to find perfectly-tailored bedding for oversized mattresses like this. We specialize in providing you bedding and bedding accessories for even the most uncommon sizes. With more and more people using extra long full size beds, the demand for extra long full bedding is increasing dramatically and to meet this demand we have developed a highly-refined range of full XL bedding in our catalog.

We offer high quality and versatile full XL bed in a bag sets along with other exclusive bedding accessories. You need not visit many stores to find that perfect-fitting extra long full size bedding. We offer bedding to fit every mattress size.

Precious Bedding offers an extensive range of full XL bed in a bag sets. You can have many styles, colors and depths to choose from. Our full XL bed in a bag sets are sheer luxury and can add an impressive overall style of luxury to your bedroom setting. We have everything from cotton, flannel and satin to Egyptian cotton and Pima cotton when it comes to fabrics. You will love the collection of highly soft and durable full extra long bedding offered by us. Most of our sheets are made of thread counts ranging from 200 thread count to 500 thread count and even more. The thread counts often designate the thickness, quality and softness of your extra long full size bedding. You will surely get the best size, fit and quality. We also offer complete full XL bedding sets that offer a complete solution for your bed. These entire sets have fitted sheets, flat sheets, bed skirts, full XL comforters and more.

Our collection is unmatched in quality, variety and price. Once you experience the luxury offered by our bed in a bag sets, you will never want to try anything else!