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Let’s all sleep around a bit more

25 Sep, 2013


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Perhaps we should blame Mrs Thatcher. The late, great, or easy to hate – depending on your point of view – British prime minister once told interviewers that she only needed five hours sleep a night. It seemed that she had little time for her precious bedding. That did it. Other women tried to emulate her example, … Read more

Think XL – Get Another Five Inches Before You Head Off to College

21 Aug, 2013


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Are you finding it difficult to get those extra long twin sheets for your college dorm? Perhaps, on the other hand, you’re wondering why it’s so important to find the right bedding or you have experienced problems finding a good quality supplier. Packing list: Twin XL sheets, notebooks, and empty pockets. #collegeproblems — College Problems (@_collegeproblem) … Read more

7 steps to a sound, sweet sleep

George Orwell’s masterpiece 1984 featured a gruesome torture chamber known as Room 101. It was a door to every person’s worst nightmare. As soft-spoken interrogator O’Brien puts it. “You know what is in Room 101. Everyone does”. In Winston Smith’s case it was rats. But it could have been death by drowning or burial alive … Read more