Hospital Bedding (for beds 36 in. wide)

Every patient wants their hospital bed to be as comfortable as possible. This is especially true when patients are forced to spend lengthy amounts of time in bed.  All patients will appreciate luxurious hospital bed sheets that will keep them comfortable and help aid in physical and emotional recovery. We understand the most important needs of hospital patients and we understand that every individual has different needs. Below, you will find our collection of high quality and luxurious hospital bedding. We have hospital bed sheets available for all types and sizes of beds as well as bed in a bag sets which include everything needed for a peaceful rest.

If all you are looking for is a fitted sheet, we offer those in 200 thread count percale, 300 thread count Egyptian cotton and 500 thread count Pima cotton. Pima cotton and Egyptian cotton are both considered E.L.S (extra-long staple cottons) so they are about as soft as sheets get. E.L.S. cotton is the much preferred fabric; however, polyester is stain resistant, wrinkle resistant and stays in good shape even after repeated washings.

Loose sheets may cause bed sores to a patient who is totally bed ridden. Our fitted hospital sheets properly hold the mattresses and stay in place. Often, the fitted sheets need to be replaced more often than the flat sheets. If you don’t need flat sheets, we offer many hospital bed fitted sheets by themselves so there is no need to buy a whole set.

Some of our sheet sets have the option to have the top sheet attached to the bottom sheet at the foot. This attached top sheet is less likely to slip out of place and this subsequently provides more comfort to patients.

Hospital beds are almost always about 30 inches wide, but it is a little-known fact that there are 3 variations in lengths. The beds can either be 75, 80 or 84 inches long so make sure to choose bedding appropriate for the length of your hospital bed.

Check out the variety of luxurious hospital bedding on our site and contact us here with any questions. We offer free shipping for any order that is more than $150. Contact us for ordering in bulk.